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R4i gold pro 2018 is cheap to buy for playing NDS games and installing 3DS CFW via NTRboot Method. It's a good R4 3DS card to HACK 3DS or NDS consoles with all the basic functions, such as playing 99% Nintendo ds games, running DS homebrews, supporting multimedia files, allowing Real-time save and user cheats. Safe to buy here with free shipping to worldwide and local fast shipping to USA and EU.

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  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 32GB SD Card
  • 64GB SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card
  • No SD Card

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R4i gold pro 2018

The latest R4i Gold Pro 3DS card. With full support for the latest 11.8.0 Updated 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS as well as the DSi and DS Lite consoles. Play games, read eBooks, run the latest homebrew games and applications and turn your Nintendo 3DS into a full fledged media player. Play retro games with emulators for NES, Super NES, TG16, Neo Geo, C64 and dozens more!

Why Buy From us?

  • Professional flashcart reseller.We are the official distributor!100% tested & 100% original before shipped out!Pls Buy at ease!!
  • Best after-sale service. We will teach you how to use the card and how to get games for it.
  • Free or Fast shipping. We support various shipments, you can choose free shipping, the local carrier or the express service.
  • Safe&International payment. We support Paypal as payment.
  • Cheap price with High Quality.

R4i gold pro News:

  1. 2018-08-20 R4I-GOLD PRO Cards support 3DS V11.8.0-41 directly.
  2. 2017-09-19 R4I-GOLD PRO Cards support 3DS V11.6.0-39 directly.
  3. 2017-04-11 R4I-GOLD PRO Cards support 3DS V11.4.0-37 directly.
  4. 2017-02-08 R4I-GOLD PRO Cards support 3DS V11.3.0-36 directly.

Product Features

  • Cooperated with wood firmware developing team,it is the first one to update wood kernel and be compatible with the latest games
  • The First Card Supports 3DS /3DS XL /2DS 11.8.0
  • The world's first host system to support the DSi /DSi XL upgrade to V1.45
  • Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
  • Supports DSL / DSi / LL / XL
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • Supports SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G)
  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.
  • User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak
  • Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
  • Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • moonshell 2.10 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu

R4isdhc gold pro Tutorial

Setup the R4i gold pro 2018 flasch card, you need a microsd card, an usb card reader and a genuine R4isdhc gold pro card from us. By using the micro sd card reader/adapter, connect your micro sd card with computer, open the file.

  • A.Upload game kernel: Copy the all of the files (R4.dat,R4iMenu,moonshel2,moonmemo) to your micro sd card.
  • B. Upload game roms: Copy the xx.nds to the root folder of the micro sd card.
  • C. Open you 3DS/2DS/DSi/DS, enjoy the games.

Firmware or Kernel

The latest firmware or kernel for R4i gold pro 2018 is v4.0b, you can download from here directly, choose the language you want. Only by downloading v4.0b firmware or kernel you can start to use R4i gold pro 3ds card on your NDS or 3DS system device. Always make sure you install the right kernel to use for an R4i 3ds card!

R4i gold pro 3ds Functions

  1. Support Wi-Fi
  2. Work on Nintendo 3DS/2DS/3DS XL/2DSXL/NEW 3DS XL/DSi XL / DSi / DS Lite / DS to play NDS games.
  3. Support NTRboothax to install B9S/Luma 3DS CFW.
  4. Play music
  5. Read e-Book and view pictures
  6. Watch movies

What is included?

  • 1 x R4isdhc gold pro 2018 card
  • 1 x USB Micro SD(TF) reader/writer
Play Nintendo DS Games For 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL/NDS
Play SNES/NES Games For Nintendo DS/DSI/DS Lite/3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL
Support NTRboothax for installing CFW Flashcarts without pre-flashed NTRboothax

Here is the user manual of R4i gold pro 3ds, after you getting the R4 3ds card from us, just follow the below Tutorial to setup your R4 card, it is working directly on 3DS V11.8.0-41 and DS V1.4.5.

Things you need

  • A PC or Laptop with a USB port.
  • A R4i gold 3ds pro 2018 Card
  • A Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, 2DS, 2DS XL or DSi, DSi XL or Nintendo DS system.
  • A Micro SD Card USB Adapter (included with each and every one of our R4 3DS cards)
  • A Micro SD Card. The R4 3DS cards are compatible with micro SD Card from 2GB right up to 32GB in size.

Step A: Format your Micro SD Card

  1. Insert your sd card to the card reader that you can get from the Pack R4i 3DS.
  2. Insert the card reader to your computer.
  3. Format the card by right-clicking on it and selecting "Format.”
  4. Select "FAT 32" and get the check mark off the "Quick format" option then click "Start.”

Step B: Download R4 3DS Kernel to the Micro SD card

setup R4i gold pro on 3DS or DS

  1. Visit to download the latest R4 3DS firmware or kernel for the flash card. Now it is the V1.84b. It has multiple language versions, you can choose the proper one for you.
  2. After done, you will get a compressed kernel file as shown, simply unzip it with a winrar or 7zip software.
  3. Open the wood kerel file and copy all the contents, drag and drop them onto the root of your MicroSD card.

Step C: Download DS Games to the Micro SD card

  1. Go to the to download NDS roms for your flash card. You can get 3ds/ds game download code after your order in our site.
  2. Make sure you download NDS games not 3DS games, you should unzip the compressed game file to get the .NDS rom.
  3. Creat a new folder called "Games" in your Micro SD and drag the .NDS files to it.

Step D: Install R4 3DS card to your Nintendo 3DS or NDS family console.

Take out the Micro sd card from your PC, insert the sd card to your R4i gold pro 3ds 2018, then put the R4 card to your NDS or 3DS console lot.

insert R4 card to 3DS or DSI

Step E: Play Games.

Boot up your console, click the R4 icon, then you can play Games.

Last but not least, the R4i gold pro 2018 is also compatible with Ntrboothax for installing Custom Firmware on 3DS V11.8.0-41 consoles, what you need to do is just checking this tutorial,


Have not had any problems with this store

The cards I got work great and kids are happy, and it's my third purchase from them already, surprise to receive the gold pro via shipping from FR.


Good and cheap R4

I received my R4i gold pro here in Canada and I am very satisfied with the efficiency of the flashcard!


Works like a charm

I used this flashcart to put homebrew and ds games on my old 2DS v11.8.0-41U, also tried the ntrboot method with no problems


Send Gold pro from EU?

Please ensure you can send it from Europe, so I can make the purchase.
Reply: Yes, choose the La poste carrier.


Gift for my little brother

It's birthday gift and happy to be it's delivered in time, takes 5 days from USA to USA, totally satisfied to me!


Received quickly and it worked!

Choose AU post, 8 days later, I received the R4i gold pro in Australia, really fast and cheap shipping. The flashcard is also working for my DSI and 3DS consoles, thank you.

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R4i Gold Pro|NTRboot and DS games

R4i Gold Pro|NTRboot and DS games

R4i gold pro 2018 is cheap to buy for playing NDS games and installing 3DS CFW via NTRboot Method. It's a good R4 3DS card to HACK 3DS or NDS consoles with all the basic functions, such as playing 99% Nintendo ds games, running DS homebrews, supporting multimedia files, allowing Real-time save and user cheats. Safe to buy here with free shipping to worldwide and local fast shipping to USA and EU.

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