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Buy SX OS Code from us, we will email you the OS License Code in 5 minutes(business time), pay via Credit card payment, you can get it within 2 hours(weekends). SX OS Code in stock, order at any time. The SX OS key gives you the full access to OS CFW, then with a payload injector like SX Gear, you can boot SX OS on any firmware versions of Nintendo Switch to play free games and enjoy homebrews.

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  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 32GB SD Card
  • 64GB SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card
  • No SD Card
  • Xecuter SX Gear
  • R4s Dongle
  • 128GB SD Card(16 Games Included)
  • 200GB SD Card(25 Games Included)
  • 256GB SD Card(35 Games Included)
  • 512GB SD Card(60 Games Included)
  • RCM Loader

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This is to buy the Switch CFW SX OS license code, it supports every Nintendo Switch firmware including the 9.0.X. Compared with the SX Pro, SX OS code is a virtual product and much cheaper to buy. But both of them are aiming to help users to install SX OS custom firmware to Nintendo Switch consoles. So you can play free games, use homebrews and enjoy eshop titles.

Black Friday Discounts(11.01-11.15): SX OS $28.99, Checkout with "TX19".

Updates: Xecuter SX OS hacks even Nintendo Switch 9.0.1 Firmware. Now order SX OS with Pre-install SD Cards, you are get games directly, for the full game list, just check here.

If your SX OS order stays Payment Error after payment or you want to Pay via Paypal, please email to, we will send you our Paypal guide and if you Can't create an order here, go to our Chain store to have a try.

sx os instant delivery, buy with paypal from reliable seller

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SX OS Hacks Nintendo Switch

SX OS is a Commercial CFW for Nintendo Switch handhelds. It is working and only compatible with the Switch console. There are other CFWs for Nintendo Switch as well in the market. But the SX OS is the only one supports playing backups and eshop games with a simple and safe method. For installing the SX OS CFW to your Switch, you need to buy the SX OS Code here.

SX OS CFW for Switch

SX OS Beta Latest version: SX OS V2.9.2 Beta(Support 9.0.1)

  • Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) is working again.

    Somewhere down the line we introduced a regression in functionality causing local multiplayer emulation to be broken and/or out of sync with the current lan-play implementation. This has been addressed and should work correctly again.

  • Extended scope of Stealth Mode

    Recently it has come to our attention that there was claims floating around about stealth mode being broken on SX OS v2.9+. We investigated these claims and are happy to let you know this is completely wrong. Stealth Mode behaved exactly the same like it always did.

    Nonetheless, we took this feedback/rumour as an opportunity to further tighten down on the stealthiness. From now you cannot start the eShop application if you have stealth mode enabled. Furthermore all error reporting and telemetry has been neutered. That means errors that are generated while using SX OS that might get you "flagged" won't be queued up for delivery when you boot into OFW anymore either!

  • Improved XCI game compatibility

    In our last update we already addressed some compatibility issues with re-packed XCI images, yet some XCI files were still not playable. We investigated this issue and as it turns out there are certain tools around (older versions of 'NSC Builder' for example) that generate bogus metadata for the (encrypted) 'Gamecard Info' that is part of the XCI header. Our gamecart emulation now detects these bad images and fixes them. If you want your XCI images to be future proof; please be careful with whatever post-processing you apply to XCI files though, we can't clean up after other people's mistakes indefinitely!

  • Rebooting SX OS

    If you select "restart" now from the power options menu you will actually reboot into SX OS. There is no need to replug your SX Pro dongle or send a payload from your computer when doing so. Additionally, if an error occurs you can also reboot into SX OS by simply pressing the power button. Neat!

SX OS Stable Latest version: SX OS 2.5.3(Support 6.2.0 to below ones)

  • What was fixed?
  • EmuNAND 6.2 booting again after updating System NAND to 7.0

Some of you who updated their System NAND to version 7.0 notified us their EmuNAND on version 6.2 would no longer boot, thus they were unable to continue using SX OS! This of course is unacceptable, so we decided to investigate and fix it. You can now enjoy the latest firmware on your System NAND again while keeping a compatible firmware in your EmuNAND partition.

SX OS Code Tutorial and Shipping

The latest setup or installation of SX OS Code is here to read[US]_SXOS_v1.3.pdf, now SX OS latest "Stable" version is 2.5.3, you can download from here, newest Beta version is 2.9.2, you can download from here

SX OS license code is no need for shipping, after your order is accepted in our site, you will get the OS Code in your e-mail. If you haven't receive the email, check your spam box as well, the normal delivery time is 5 minutes to 2 hours in Working Days.

Xecuter SX OS Functions

Xecuter SX OS is a Powerful CFW for nearly all Nintendo Switch machine. Why should you install it not other CFWs? Check its function list here.

  1. Compatible with all firmwares and all regions released before June 2018
  2. Great game(including eshop titles) and homebrew compatibility
  3. Has an optional "AutoRCM" feature that can be installed to your Switch Console such that the jig tool is not needed anymore on boot
  4. Install Emunand to Nintendo Switch for playing free roms on a lower Switch sysnand firmware.
  5. You can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games
  6. Hardware exploit ensures a future proof exploit (for current switch firmware)
  7. Fully supports saves
  8. Very low price
Play Nintendo Switch GamesFor Nintendo Switch consoles

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                                                                                                                                          Xecuter SX OS license for hacking Nintendo Switch

                                                                                                                                          Xecuter SX OS license for hacking Nintendo Switch

                                                                                                                                          Buy SX OS Code from us, we will email you the OS License Code in 5 minutes(business time), pay via Credit card payment, you can get it within 2 hours(weekends). SX OS Code in stock, order at any time. The SX OS key gives you the full access to OS CFW, then with a payload injector like SX Gear, you can boot SX OS on any firmware versions of Nintendo Switch to play free games and enjoy homebrews.

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