Xecuter SX Pro VS R4S Dongle, which one is better to buy for hacking Nintendo Switch?

Switch flashcard SX Pro

It’s widely known that SX Pro produced by Team Xecuter can play free games on the Nintendo Switch, it’s the first “flashcard” for the new Nintendo home console. Soon after its releasing, a famous 3DS R4 card team develops a similiar product, it’s called R4S Dongle, from r4i-sdhc.com, which releases the popular r4i sdhc 3ds and r4i b9s cards. So between the SX Pro and R4S dongle, what are their differences and which is better to buy for cracking Nintendo Switch games? The answers are here for you.

R4 card for Nintendo Switch-R4s Dongle

r4 card for Nintendo Switch

R4S Dongle is a new modchip published by the R4i-SDHC team and it allows you to hack the Nintendo Switch loading custom firmware. R4S Dongle works on all Nintendo Switches with all firmware versions, including the upcoming V6.0 and the current V5.1. It supports most NSP games and many XCI games. In addition, the R4S Dongle can be upgraded and has a one-year warranty.

Nintendo Switch modchip-SX Pro or Xecuter SX Pro

sx pro nintendo switch

SX Pro or Xecuter SX Pro, it’s the most famous modchip or flashcard for Nintendo Switch. However it’s not liking the 3DS R4 cards, which mods the Nintendo 3DS firmware directly to play DS games and homebrews. The SX Pro is working on the Nintendo Switch for booting SX OS CFW, then users can play free Switch games and use homebrews on the SX OS. Of couse, it supports on Every Nintendo Switch firmware and most importantly, it plays All Switch XCI games and is compatible with NSP titles too. 

SX Pro VS R4s Dongle, what are their differences and which is better?

sx gear for sx os

The R4s Dongle looks like the latest Team Xecuter Product: SX Gear, which is launched recently for booting SX OS or using the third-party Payload to Nintendo Switch with a high-quality RCM jig and a usb dongle, the official site describes like this “SX Gear will work Well even after 50 boots”, however, in term of Price, R4s dongle is much cheaper. What are more differences among the 3 Nintendo Switch hacking dongles? Check the below chart.

SX Pro SX Gear  R4s Dongle
Price $45-$50 $30-$35 $25-$40
Release Date June, 2018 September, 2018 August, 2018
Popularity The most Famous and the First Nintendo “Switch flashcard” Newly released Newly released
Contents Usb Dongle+Jig+licence SX OS+USB cable USB Dongle+Jig Usb Dongle+Jig+USB cable
Quality High-quality Like the SX Pro A cheap Clone

Compared to the SX Pro or SX Gear, the R4s dongle is just a cheap clone. And besides, after we testing it on the Nintendo Switch, it shows more disadvantages:

Bulky module
Poor documentation

Plus, the strange thing about this dongle is that it features a propriety format of the CFW. So it requires continued support from R4i until they just decide to release a way to convert up to date CFW’s to the UF2 format. This is something that really make us disapponited. If R4i wants a more open dongle that lets you use any CFW you want, but they also make you have to use one of theirs that they’ve converted to UF2, then it kills the open vibe altogether.

This dongle is 1.5x wider than the SX Pro and SX Gear. Those of you with super form fitting Switch cases probably won’t be able to fit this in there because it’s also about 0.5X thicker than the SX series of devices. This may not be anything that would deter you, but it certainly sticks out.

Then, when you have a larger device like this hanging out of a port like that, especially on a handheld device, you need to be careful. Scenarios like this yield a higher chance of potentially striking the dongle and causing it to snap off and leave the USB-C plug in the Switch. Which could further result in damaged to your USB-C port. A smaller dongle doesn’t run quite as high of a chance for that.

So, SX Pro dongle is still the Best for hacking Nintendo Switch!

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