Which R4 card cracks Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch?

R4 flashcards which usually works on Nintendo DS&3DS firmware consoles can finally support Nintendo Switch in 2018. It with the ability to hack your Nintendo Switch to play free games, including the latest Super Mario Party and run homebrews as well, so which is the R4 card supports Nintendo Switch, keep reading, you will know the answer.

R4 cards work on Nintendo Switch

In 2018, there are so many R4 flashcards in the market, so if you are looking to buy the one that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, it’s not easy to find.But don’t worry, here is a chart to show you off all R4 cards’ compatible system.

Brands Support Nintendo Switch Support Nintendo 3DS Support Nintendo DS
R4i gold 3ds plus No Yes Yes
R4i sdhc 3ds rts No Yes Yes
R4i sdhc b9s No Yes Yes
R4s Dongle Yes No No
R4i gold pro No Yes Yes
R4isdhc dual core 2018 No Yes Yes
R4isdhc rts lite 2018 No Yes Yes
R4i gold eu 3ds No Yes Yes

The answer is clearly, only one R4 flash card can work on the Nintendo Switch, all the other ones are just supporting the old Nintendo DS and 3DS family handhelds. The R4 Switch flashcard is R4s Dongle.

R4s Dongle-The only R4 product for hacking Switch


R4s Dongle is made by the R4i-sdhc.com, which has releases many DS/3DS R4 cards for hacking those Nintendo handheld machines. Then in August of 2018, the team develops and launches their newest modchip or flashcard for the Nintendo Switch machine. However, the R4s dongle is different from any R4 cards, it’s not a flash cartridge should be insert to Switch slot as the real game card, it’s a toolkit for Nintendo Switch users. 

R4s Dongle includes a usb dongle(payload injector) and a joycon jig(rcm jig) for hacking the Nintendo Switch. To play Nintendo Switch games with it, users should insert the usb dongle to the usb port of Nintendo Switch and use it to boot Switch custom firmwares(SX OS, Atmosphere, Reinx), then free game play can be available on the CFW.

As the official site introduces, the R4S dongle is a USB-C dongle that is a plug and play solution to inject the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware. It allows you to hack Nintendo switch with loading custom firmware.


  • R4S Dongle works on Nintendo Switch with all firmwares, including the V6.0.1.
  • R4S Dongle works for playing .NSP games not .XCI games on Nintendo Switch.

Image and Package

R4s Dongle contents 3 items in a red box, they are the Switch dongle, Switch jig and a USB Cable.

The R4s comes in your standard variety thin printed box and plastic tray, typical of almost every modchip or hacking device out there. The included Micro-USB cable is used to charge the battery contained inside the dongle, which forgoes the problematic capacitor style charging method of it’s competitor in exchange for a larger package size.

The RCM Jig is also slightly larger than a typical jig, giving you a larger thumb tab for inserting and removal from the Joycon rail. Conveniently, a small loop in the thumb tab makes it easy for a nylon loop or small key ring to go through, which could then be attached to a carrying case so it’s easier to keep track of.

The dongle itself is a bit on the chunky side, nearly half-again the size of the SX Pro. While the circuitry of the dongle could have been shrunken down, the size of the battery appears to have been the determining factor for the shell design. Since manufacturing a custom size battery would have driven costs up, it appears they’ve opted to just increase the overall size instead, which helps the end-user by keeping the cost around $20 USD.

Reseller and Price

Surprised, the only R4 Switch flashcard R4s dongles are being sold in Bestbuy and Ebay, not only in the official resellers’ sites. But I still have to tell you, Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy and other similar big online shopping mall, they are not allowing the retailers to sell the “Piracy” things. If you buy the R4s dongle or other R4 card from them, maybe 1 or 2 weeks later, you can’t find the retailer again for any dongle issue. Also, they are not the legit sites to buy flashcard or modchip.

Back to the point, how much to buy the R4s dongle, it’s quite cheap like the R4 3DS cards, viewing all the resellers, the price is from $16 to $25.


The main circuit consists of a generic CPLD or MCU (probably MCU because of the onboard storage) and some simple voltage flow protection. The top of the CPLD/MCU has been “sanded” off, so without some research it’s impossible to tell exactly what they are using. The button swaps the Micro-USB side from charge mode to MTP mode, the bottom of it houses the battery and its connection leads, and that’s your lot.

Since the device uses a traditional battery, you shouldn’t need to pre-charge with the Switch before rebooting or swapping payloads (provided you charged it fully at some point in the past).  Taking this with you means that you can use your Switch as you usually do or you can snap this bad boy in, enable your CFW, then play your homebrew or emulators even after restarting your Switch.


* Works on any firmware from any regions
* Easy-to-use dongle for booting homebrew loader or custom firmware including SX OS
* Support third-party payloads
* No need license file
* No need to open your console or make any modifications
* Fully updatable using simple drag-and-drop operation
* Has 1-year warranty


The R4s dongle doesn’t come with the SX OS license or any other payloads, it leaves the choice up to the end-user. Double pressing on the button while it is plugged into your PC will auto-mount a small storage partition where you can drop the proper configuration file for the payload you wish to boot. After copying the file, it will automatically disconnect the storage partition and configure the device so it is ready to use right away. Choosing a payload that allows you to boot other payloads off of your Switch’s SD card will be key in ensuring you only have to set it up once.


+ Easy to Use
+ Good Build Quality
+ Battery Powered
– Bulky
– Poor Documentation
– Doesn’t support .XCI games(without OS license)

out of 10
The R4s is going to be your best bet for on-the-go RCM boot methods. Pairing it with the SX OS will give you the premier Switch hacking and piracy experience (if you’re into that kind of thing).

How to play free Super Mario Party on Switch with R4s dongle?

First of all, you should buy the R4s Dongle and the SX OS license code from a reliable seller like us, Mod3dscard.com.

  1. Format Micro SD Card to Exfat on your computer and switch. Before next step, please put micro SD card inside switch SD card slot. System will prompt to update system patch after power on. You can connect to internet to update exFAT support. Offline update exFAT support is possible, please Google “How to install the exFat Update without updating your Switch”
  2. Download SX OS Software from, https://sx.xecuter.com/download/SXOS_v2.0.1.zip. Decompress the SX OS and put the “boot.dat” file to your sd card’s root directory.
  3. Download Super Mario Party from Online sites such as here https://madloader.com/super-mario-party-switch-xci/, and copy the .XCI rom to your sd card’s folder like
  4. Turn off your Switch console, remove the right Joycon from the switch console and slide the jig tool all the way down to the end.
  5. Insert the R4S dongle into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Switch. Hold the VOL + button and power button to turn on the Switch,you should boot right into the SX OS bootloader, you can now remove the jig from the joycon nail.
  6. Click on the Boot custom FW, then choose continue, a unique license file(license-request.dat) will be created on your Switch sd card.
  7. Turn off your Switch, take out the sd card, go to the SX OS activation site, upload your file and manually enter your license code.
  8. Copy the license.dat to the sd card, insert it to your Nintendo Switch, power the Switch back on with the R4s dongle inserted.
  9. If everything goes fine, your Switch will automatically boot into SX OS Custom firmware, click the Album icon you can enter into the game selection menu.
  10. Finally, you can just choose the game Super Mario Party to play.