What are the secrets of SX OS 2.2.1 for Nintendo Switch hacking?

SX OS Beta 2.2.1 released, it’s not a Major update, but it also adds Many New Features like the support for over 2TB external hardrive, what are its other changelogs for hacking Nintendo Switch, let me show you here one by one in details.

SX OS Beta version 2.2.1

  • Support for *big* USB drives

In our last announcement we bragged that you were able to enjoy TERABYTES of content, which was technically correct.. but in practice you were still limited to USB drives with a capacity up to 2TB. This is now a limitation of the past, as you are now able to use storage devices with a capacity of up to a PETABYTE!

  • Fix USB disk directory scanning

Due to a small bug in 2.2 beta the subdirectories on your USB disk weren’t being properly scanned for content. This has been fixed and you can now rely on the same subfolder structure as on your microSD card.

  • Fix USB ethernet and keyboard support

The introduction of our USB disk support apparently broke support for existing USB peripherals that were supported by Nintendo’s firmware. Fixed!

  • Add USB drive write support

We have enabled write support for USB drives. In practice for SX OS this means that NSP files can now actually be deleted after installation. But this also serves a greater purpose.. keep reading!

  • Eject gamecard on USB eject

When you disconnect a USB disk while in the main menu the (emulated) Game Card will actually be ejected now. A small detail, but a nice addition nonetheless.

  • Improved LayeredFS support

LayeredFS suffered from incompatibilities with certain games, this has been addressed and fixed. If you find any more problem titles, let us know!

  • Add support for temporarily disabling LayeredFS by pressing X while launching game/application

If you want to skip loading your LayeredFS patches you can now hold the X key while launching a game/application. The game/app will start normally without any patches applied.

  • Homebrew support from USB Drive

A little library called `libusbfs` that allows your homebrew to interface with USB disks very easily. You can find the latest library code on our website in the downloads section! We are looking forward to popular homebrew apps adapting support for USB storage.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability..

SX OS still can’t be used on “Patched” Nintendo Switch units, TX is still working hard to find the solution but not for this update.

What are the secrets of of SX OS 2.2.1 for Nintendo Switch hacking?

1. SX OS 2.2.1 plays free Nintendo Switch games from USB Hard Drive with Storage larger than 2TB.

The SX OS is the only Nintendo Switch CFW supports game play from external Hard Drive. Now with the latest OS Beta V2.2.1, users can put unlimited Switch game roms to the XTB or XPB hardrive to play them directly from the USB Storage device on Nintendo Switch. Though the Switch game roms always have big size, now we have the Final solution to play save and play 100+ Switch roms.

2. SX OS 2.2.1 emulates the Nintendo Switch game cartridge to play Roms for free.

There are many Nintendo Switch CFWs in the hacking scene, but Only the Xecuter SX OS can supports .XCI Nintendo Switch roms, which is the Nintendo Switch cartridge format. Switch XCI roms are usually in smaller size than Switch NSP roms, and they can be loaded and played directly on Switch console without installing. Users of SX OS V2.2.1 are able to get hundreds of Nintendo Switch free roms in .XCI format.

3. SX OS 2.2.1 supports a API called “libusbfs”, which is TX created for homebrew to have access to the USB storage.

On SX OS Beta V2.2, from the external USB Mass Storage device, we can only put in and use .XCI and .NSP files. However, the SX OS 2.2.1 releases a library named `libusbfs` for homebrew to interface with USB disks. Though the homebrew apps can’t be launched staightly from USB Device, it can be seemd a beginning for USB Drive support to Homebrews.

4. SX OS 2.1.1 works on Nintendo Switch V6.1.0 console with No issues as usual.

SX OS V2.2, V2.2.1 and the stable version 2.0.2 works Greatly on the latest Nintendo Switch firmware 6.1.0 console, in fact, there’s no need for you to worry about the SX OS compatibility to new Switch update, the SX OS uses the unpatched Nintendo Switch exploit, unless you have the patched Switch consoles, you can always use SX OS on the any New Switch system version.

5. SX OS 2.2.1 can install Emunand and use “Stealth” mode on Switch to avoid Nintendo Ban.

Which Switch CFW gives a double protection to stay away from Nintendo Ban? That’s the SX OS from Team Xecuter too. It supports users to turn on Stealth mode and run Emunand on their Switch consoles, so the machines are with the smallest possibility being Banned from Nintendo.

With Stealth Mode enabled your Switch system is not able to send any Switch personal information to Nintendo’s servers while still allowing basic Internet functionality (for eg homebrew). Plus with Emunand installing on your Switch, you can alwasy keep the original OS to a lower firmware.

Just don’t play online, I can confirm you are 99% safe for hacking the Nintendo Switch with the SX OS CFW.

In the end, for those of you still don’t have the SX OS running on Nintendo Switch, just order a SX OS license code from us Mod3dscard.com, the recommended reseller of official site TX. We are the reliable and can be the fastest site to send you the SX OS license via Discord, Email or Site Message.

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