SX OS 2.8 and Atmosphere 0.9.1 released, which one to choose for Switch 8.1.0?

best cfw for switch 8.1.0

Just 1 day, both SX OS and Atmosphere are updated to support the latest Nintendo Switch 8.1.0 firmware. Now we can boot CFWs on consoles again to use homebrews and play free games. All you need is the SX OS 2.8 version or the Atmosphere 0.9.1 version.

SX OS 2.8 for Switch 8.1.0 FW

We are back with another update for SX OS. As you all probably know, one of our main priorities is making sure existing users are able to keep enjoying SX OS.

SX OS 2.8 update brings full compatibility for the recent firmware update 8.1.0.

Nothing more, nothing less. We have some very cool features lined up that are not quite ready for primetime yet. And we didn’t want to keep you waiting till next september either.

So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.8 beta is available for download on our website now! (and through the builtin online updater part of SX OS, of course)

Atmosphere 0.9.1 for Switch 8.1.0 FW

0.9.1 is Atmosphère’s nineteenth official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.9.1.

With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.9.1 is bundled with hbl 2.1, and hbmenu 3.0.1.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • Support was added for 8.1.0.
  • Please note, emummc is still considered beta/experimental — this is not the inevitable bugfix update for it, although some number of bugs have been fixed. :)
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Which one is the best CFW for hacking Switch 8.1.0?

Features Atmosphere SX OS Notes
Free ✖ (~$30 USD)
Open Source
Firmware 8.1.0+ Support
Easy Setup ✓  Not as easy as the SX OS Installation with SX Pro Dongle
XCI Loading XCIs can be converted to NSP for other CFWs
Supports Game Modding
Homebrew Support
FS Patches
ES Patches Atmosphere Sigpatches must be installed manually
Supports Custom Sysmodules  
Configuration Tools
Reboot to Payload
Proper Shutdown w/ AutoRCM
Realtime Cheat Engine
Button Remapping
Using hid-mitm.
Third-party controler support
Using hid-mitm. Requires a PC or phone.



  • XCI files – can mount and play XCI files direct from USB (no need to copy to SD card)
  • No need to install each game, just mount and they run – just like inserting a cartridge.
  • XCI files do not install tickets so *POTENTIALLY* are not as detectable as NSP files.
  • USB storage – NSP files can be installed to SD card direct from USB storage, no need for PC. Useful on long journeys.
  • EmuEMMC / emuNAND – makes it potentially possible to dodge a banned console due to no records kept in system NAND (online play under emuNAND not recommended however).
  • The LAN online feature is pretty neat too – lets you play online with a banned switch
  • Different official firmware versions can be installed in system and emuNAND (no fuses are burned)


  • Costs money
  • Cannot use KIPs advanced features – like custom kernel modules (Overclocking module, etc)
  • MUST use the jig and payload injector on every cold boot (personally, if you’re powering off completely regularly then why?).



  • No cost – just the included cost of your SD card for it to be installed on.
  • Can use KIPs advanced features – like custom kernel modules (Overclocking module, etc).
  • Can boot into CFW from Auto RCM – please note that auto-RCM has been extensively discussed as being potentially detectable by Nintendo and thus a bannable ‘offence’.


  • No XCI mounting.
  • No USB storage.

Both options allow installing of NSP titles to SD card and systemNAND (or emuNAND if using SX OS) via USB cable and NUT or SX server. Both systems allow use of homebrew and backing up save games to alternate computers / storage for safe keeping.

The age old question – Which Switch CFW should you use?

sx os 2019 cheap price instant delivery

Look at the pros and con feature lists and see which features are must have items for you. Now Both Atmosphere and SX OS have 8.1.0 support, so decide on which features you want and whether the cost is worth it TO YOU.  

In short, “Best” is relative, it depends on your needs and your budget.

And, if you finally choose to the SX OS CFW, you can get it via 2 methods, buying a cheap and Instant delivery SX OS License Code or purchasing the easy toolkit Xecuter SX Pro. The SX Pro comes with a SX OS Code, a Switch RCM Joycon Jig and a payload injector(dongle), all those are you need to hack the Switch easily to get CFW.

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