Super Mario Maker 2 Hacking Guide on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 has released, if you have hacked Nintendo Switch with sx pro& sx os, just need the Super Mario Maker 2 game rom, you can play it freely, and recent days, MM-LINX, the new APP for users who do not have access to the Nintendo store can now enjoy and download levels made by the Homebrew community directly on to their switch. 

How to play Super Mario Maker 2 freely?

No need to spend 70$ to buy the Super Mario Maker 2 game card, you can hack Nintendo Switch, then get the Super Mario Maker 2 game rom, and at first, you need to check your switch serial number, if it’s safe to be hacked, read this post and check your serial number at first. 

For hacking Nintendo Switch, there are 3 main different methods:

  • Flashcards or Dongles: Not flashcards but the USB dongles, or we call the Switch payload injectors, they are the tools should be used to hack the Nintendo Switch, the popular Switch dongles are SX Pro from Team Xecuter and its clones from different teams, like R4s dongle from or NX Atmosphere loader. All of them are aiming to inject and boot Custom Firmware on your Switch, so you can play free roms and use homebrews.
  • Homebrew Launcher(installer): If your Switch’s firmware is below 3.0.0, you can update to 3.0.0 by using a physical copy of the game Pokkén Tournament DX with the cartridge identification number 000. Some versions of Pokkén Tournament DX are numbered 001 or 002 and will update your Switch’s firmware to 3.0.1. The ID number is imprinted on the back side of the game cartridge itself, so you have to open the game’s box before you’ll know if you have the right print run of Pokkén Tournament DX. This method can Homebrew your Switch only!
  • Fusée Gelée or SofEL2:If you want to jailbreak your Switch using Fusée Gelée or SofEL2 without any dongles, you’ll need a computer with a USB 3.0 port (with some exceptions) and a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect your Switch to your computer and a Joycon Jig(A screwdriver/paperclip/needle or something else small made of metal) to trigger recovery mode on your console. By this way, you can install CFW and Homebrew your Switch too, it’s just a little complicated.

For these three ways, we will recommend using the flashcard or dongles to hack Nintendo Switch, and for using the Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS license to crack nintendo switch, buying the SX Pro and using it on your Switch machine, you will be able to boot SX OS CFW to play free Switch games, enjoy free homebrews, loading roms from an external HDD, installing Emunand and adding Cheats code during gameplay.

The SX OS custom firmware is also released by Team Xecuter, until to the day of writing this post, Xecuter SX OS is still the Best Switch CFW, it supports the easiest game card emulating and the most powerful functions(Emunand, Cheat and HDD features).

how to use the switch dongle to play Super Mario Maker 2?

And Steps are easy to hack Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch:

  1. Before hacking, please Check your serial number at first in, be sure your switch can be hacked.
  2. Buy Switch Dongle-Xecuter SX Pro from an official seller like
  3. Download Necessary documents( boot.dat and license-requires.dat)to your SD card, and formatted it.
  4. With following the official guide in SX.XECUTER.COM to activate SX OS License. 
  5. Download the Super Mario Maker 2 game rom from rom site. If you don’t find it, ask me here.
  6. Use the SX OS PRO to enjoy the Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch For Free.

MM-LINX, how can we use it on Nintendo Switch?

The Homebrew community have figured out a way to share levels using simple Homebrew tools (more on that here) well now the final piece of the puzzle is here! Homebrew developer Alawar who have brought us the Tinfoil app just released MMLINX– Super Mario Maker 2 Level injector!

This is an excellent app because CustomFirmware users who do not have access to the Nintendo store can now enjoy and download levels made by the Homebrew community directly on to their switch without worrying about connecting to the Nintendo online servers! This app is still in beta but the developer is updating it as time progresses.

This is currently hardcoded to use the first user profile. Please ensure that Super Mario Maker 2 is not running and that you have at least one SMM2 save on the first user’s profile.

For maximum compatibility and stability, we recommend that you use ReiNX or SX.


edit: 1.01 fixed sorting, press + to sort
edit: 1.02 added support for uploading your levels to from MM-LINX
edit: 1.03 added file browser for installing levels from (sd, ftp, http, gdrive, usb, etc), search, ability to change user, translation (needs work), ability to copy files to and from smm2’s save directly, themes, other stuff I probably forgot.

Summary: Want to donwload Super Mario Maker 2 game rom? you just need one pre-installed sd card, and if you want to have your own game list, please contact