Super Mario Maker 2 Free Download|How to hack it on Switch?

super mario maker 2 free download switch

Switch Super Mario Maker 2 can be freely downloaded to most of Nintendo Switch consoles, then you can play them and other games for free on the deivce. So where to download Super Mario Maker 2 .XCI roms and how to hack it on Nintendo Switch? Check the post here. 

Download Super Mario Maker 2 Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch rom is already online, you can email us to get the rom source or you can buy the  Switch SD Card from us with pre-installed Super Mario Maker 2 .XCI and other 30+ free games.

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Super Mario Maker 2 is heading to Nintendo Switch on June 28. Can’t wait to play? You can Download Digital Super Mario Maker 2 first from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system, or via its official page.

Currently, it’s a pre-order, so you just preload ahead of release, and the game’s data will be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch automatically. Then, at midnight on June 28th, 2019, the game will unlock so you can jump in without delay!

If you’ve gone the digital route this generation, you’ll be relieved to hear Super Mario Maker 2 won’t take up too much space on your Switch when it arrives next month. With the pre-purchase now live, it’s been confirmed the file size is a total of 2.8GB.

For the time being, Switch Super Mario Maker 2 Free Download isn’t on the Site, but after game releasing formally, many online Roms Sites will offer the Super Mario Maker 2 .XCI or .NSP files, those roms can be downloaded to your Switch SD Card, then insert the sd card back, you can play free Super Mario Maker 2 freely on the Switch.

How to hack Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch?

We all know that most of Nintendo Switch is hacked by Switch Dongles + CFWs, so if you want to play downloaded Super Mario Maker 2 rom on Switch, you must hack your console firstly. In 2019, the best Switch hacking dongle and CFW are SX Pro and SX OS, cause the SX OS License code is built-in the device, you just need to buy the SX Pro dongle to hack Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch.

hack super mario maker 2 switch

Team Xecuter, they release out the SX Pro, SX Gear, and the SX OS license for installing their Exclusive OS CFW for Nintendo Switch. The SX OS custom firmware is the Best Switch CFW, it supports uers emulating retail game card to play free Switch roms in .XCI directly on the console, other Switch CFWs just supports.NSP Switch games, you can think the.XCI for Switch as .3DS for Nintendo 3DS, the.NSP for Switch as .CIA for Nintendo 3DS.

The SX OS is a Nintendo Switch CFW, for installing it to a Nintendo Switch machine, the SX OS license key is must to have. It is a 12 digits code. Every sx os code can be activated on A Nintendo Switch, it will be an invalid code if you use the same one on the Second console. The SX OS license should be bought from official resellers from Team Xecuter too, it’s not free as the SX Pro and SX Gear.

For users of SX Pro, you are no need to get the SX OS code again, because there is an SX OS license code in your Pro USB dongle.

And Steps are easy to hack Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch:

  1. Before hacking, please Check your serial number at first in, be sure your switch can be hacked.
  2. Buy Switch Dongle-Xecuter SX Pro from official seller like
  3. Download Necessary documents( boot.dat and license-requires.dat)to your SD card, and formatted it.
  4. With following the official guide in SX.XECUTER.COM to activate SX OS License. 
  5. Download the Super Mario Maker 2 game rom from rom site, such, If you don’t find it, ask me here.
  6. Use the SX OS PRO to enjoy the Super Mario Maker 2 onNintendo Switch For Free.

Hack Super Mario Maker on Nintendo 3DS

3DS Super Mario Maker game is very hot too. Many players have made a purchase of the original game on Amazon or eBay etc. But this 3DS game is also hacked by a 3ds flashcard, that is to say, we do not need to take the purchase of the original game, because we can play free 3DS games by a 3DS flashcard! How to hack 3DS ROMs downloaded?

First, here is a list of 3DS flashcards that support cracking 3DS games on the market.

All of these 3DS flashcards support a 3DS game hack on a Nintendo 3DS, New3DS, 2DS, New2DS XL console. But they are different. Now, the most popular 3DS cards on the market are the Sky3DS+ card and the Stargate 3DS. So, if you want a 3DS card to hack Super Mario Maker, the Sky3DS+ card and the Stargate 3DS are your choice!

buy sky3ds+ to play free Mario games on 3DS

Edit: news updated, Stargate 3ds cannot support some newest 3DS games, to ensure smooth play the free Super Mario Maker on 3DS, we recommend you buy one Sky3ds+, it can support ALL 3DS games.