R4 3DS or R4s Dongle, which hacks Nintendo Switch 6.0 to play free games?

r4 card for nintendo switch

Is the R4s dongle a flashcard for Nintendo Switch? What are its difference with R4 3DS cards? Which one we should buy for hacking the upcoming Nintendo Switch 6.0 firmware console to play free games and homebrews? In this article, you can get answers.

R4 3DS Flashcard

R4 3ds cards are the Most widely-used flash cartridges for all the Nintendo 3DS firmware consoles, including the 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL and the NEW 2DS XL. They are playing free DS games, DS homebrews, multi-media files, and more on these machines. All the following r4 cards for 3DS should work with a Microsd card, so users can download and run multi-roms or files. They also hack the Nintendo 3DS with each own’s firmware or kernel. Only after installing the R4 3DS firmware to those flashcards, you can use them normally on your consoles. Currently, r4 3ds cards are fully compatible with 3DS&DSI system handhelds and supporting the latest 3DS V11.8, DSI V1.4.5.

To be short, R4 3ds is the cheap flashcard to buy for working on every Nintendo 3DS system model to play Thousands of DS roms or game backups and homebrews. Cause there are a lot of 3DS R4i cards in the market, you may feel difficult to choose one among them. Here is a list to show their features, advantages and price, will help you to make a correct decison.

  • R4i gold 3ds plus($20.8, the Best R4 3DS card to buy for playing DS games and installing CFW to any 3DS with pre-flashed NTRboothax)
  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts($17.8, the Best R4 card to buy for playing DS games and DS homebrews with RTSWifi feature )
  • R4i b9s 3ds($19.5, the Cheapest 3DS R4 card with built-in NTRboothax exploit to install 3DS CFW to play 3DS Games )
  • R4i gold pro 3ds
  • R4i gold eu 3ds
  • R4 3ds dual core
  • R4isdhc rts lite

R4s Dongle for Switch

R4s dongle comes for Nintendo Switch from the last Month, it’s from the famous R4 flashcard team R4i-sdhc.com, their latest product for Nintendo Switch is used for booting SX OS or any other third-party CFW. It is indeed used to hacking the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not a flashcard like the R4 3DS. R4s dongle package includes a usb dongle and a joycon jig, they are the needed tools for every people who want to crack Nintendo Switch consoles, however, it is a product cloning from the First Switch “modchip”-SX Pro from Team Xecuter.

It seems to work the same way as the SX Pro, with the dongle injecting the payload and a joycon jig turnning Switch to RCM mode. On the R4 site, it says that R4s dongle works with every Nintendo switch, and on every firmware. Not sure if it works on the newer switch models, but that is yet to be determined. Also, just like the SX Pro it is fully updateable and can be used to boot up homebrew.

However, unlike the SX Pro, R4s dongle supports only “most NSP games and many XCI games”, without the SX OS license and much more bigger&heavier.  

* Works on any firmware from any regions
* Easy-to-use dongle for booting homebrew loader or custom firmware including SX OS
* Support third-party payloads
* No need license file
* No need to open your console or make any modifications
* Fully updatable using simple drag-and-drop operation

R4 3DS VS R4s Dongle, what are the differences?

R4 3DS R4s Dongle
Official site r4i-sdhc.com and other R4 sites r4i-sdhc.om
Contents A flash card, a usb card reader and a magnet A usb dongle, a rcm jig and a usb cable
Compatibility All Nintendo 3DS&NDS family handhelds Only for Nintendo Switch consoles
Firmware R4i 3ds v1.85b and other R4 3ds fimmwares Different firmwares for SX OS and other CFW for Nintendo Switch
Setup Plug and Play, so easy Very complicated, the SX Pro is a download, plug and play method, however, the for R4s dongle users, they have to take many more steps to play games on Switch, even they need convert the .XCI to .NSP games to play them.
Features Play DS games, DS homebrews and other files.

Support region free, real-time save, user cheats and play online features.

Install CFW to Nintendo Switch to play games in .XCI and .NSP format. 

Compatible with Homebrew.

Price $14-$20 $19-$28

R4s dongle or R4 card, which to buy for playing free Nintendo Switch games?

hack nintendo switch best flashcard

So it’s easy to see that, only the R4s dongle is the right to buy for hacking Nintendo Switch, the R4 card only works on 3DS and DS models. But, do you really should buy the R4s dongle for playing Nintendo Switch games. The answer is No, in fact you have Better options, they are the SX Gear or SX Pro from Team Xecuter, which are much more easier&safer to use.

Xecuter SX Pro: It’s the ultimate hacking tool for Nintendo Switch, includes everything you need to jailbreak the console, a high-quality usb dongle&joycon rcm jig, the most important part, SX Pro has the SX OS license in the dongle, so users can install and run commercial SX OS cfw to Nintendo Switch to enjoy free games and homebrews. It is a little expensive than R4s dongle, but it has the SX OS which R4s doesn’t have and support .XCI Switch games directly. Plus, it’s much lighter and smaller than R4s dongle, very convenient to carry.

  • Works On (Almost) Every Switch: SX Pro Works with every Nintendo Switch console released before June 2018 out there. On every firmware version! If in doubt, please check here if your switch is compatible.
  • Play All Games!: With SX Pro you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch.
  • Homebrew Games & Apps: Using SX OS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software by independent developers.
  • Continued Support: TX is actively working to bring more exciting functionality to SX OS. Users are eligible for free lifetime support and updates.
  • Backwards Compatible: Using the SX OS Launcher you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games.

Xecuter SX Gear: SX Gear can be regarded as the Ugraded version of R4s dongle, because it’s from Team Xecuter and it has all features&functions of R4s dongle. SX Gear is also a SX Pro without the built-in SX OS, with quality-guaranteed usb dongle and rcm jig. It can be the Best SX OS companion, suits customer who get SX OS license but without SX Pro, and it enable users to install other CFW payload to Nintendo Switch too, so you can use it to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles for booting free CFW like Atmosphere, ReiNX or others.

All in all, in 2018, don’t buy R4 card or R4s dongle for Nintendo Switch, just get a SX Pro or SX Gear to hack Nintendo Switch console with any firmware version, even the V6.0.0 to play Free games. Both of them are in Stock in Mod3dscard.com, you can buy from us with local carrier from USA/EU, Credit Card/Paypal Payment and much more after-sale service.