Ninjhax and Sky3ds Plus|Which is the 3ds exploit for hacking 11.10.0-43?

homebrew or hack 3ds 11.10.0-43

Looking for any 3ds exploit to crack V11.10.0-43 console? I would like to give you answer here. The most famous Ninjhax exploit or the flashcard-Sky3ds plus, which is our key to hack 3DS V11.10 for playing free games and homebrews? You can find the solution by reading this article.

Which 3ds exploit works on 11.10.0-43 FW?

Is it the Ninjhax or other free 3ds exploits?The answer is No and Yes.

Ninjhax, or the Ninghax 2.9, it Can’t work on 3DS 11.10.0-43 firmware version. QR code can’t be generated because there is no update on the official page As to the other homebrew exploits, some are confirmed working for 3DS V11.10. They are the following one.

  • OOThax: Works
  • Steelhax: Works
  • Stickerhax: Works

Note: If you’ve already been using any of the above 3ds exploit with 11.7U, 11.8U, or 11.9U, then there is nothing to update as the payload hasn’t changed(All other regions than “E” can use the otherapp payload for 11.9.) If you’ve been using 11.6 or older, then here are all your options.

  • Try the (unofficial?) otherapp payload from reddit. (New 2/3DS only)
  • Wait until otherapp is available.
  • Use Fredminer method – requires having or buying any (cheap) DSiWare. No otherapp needed.
  • NTRboot – requires a compatible flashcart

How does the Sky3ds+ hack 3DS 11.10.0?

Sky3ds+ isn’t a 3ds exploit, but a 3ds flashcard to play downloaded roms on your Nintendo 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds xl, 2ds xl and 2ds console. It’s just like a 3ds retail game card, but it works with a memory microsd card, so it can play multi-roms on the handhelds. Sky3ds plus is able to support Every 3DS firmware update, because it emulates the Official game cartridge to run on the Nintendo 3DS, you are Never need to worry about the compatibility issue.

As a 3ds flashcard, Sky3ds plus plays Nintendo 3DS Games, it only does that, you can’t use it for DS game hacking or installing DS homebrews. So if you wanna 3DS Homebrew only, Sky3ds+ is useless for you.

Buy Sky3ds+ card if you would like to play 500+ 3DS Games in One game cart!

Tutorial for Playing Free games and Homebrwing 3DS V11.10

Guide A: Setup Sky3ds+ card to Free 3DS Games on V11.10

To use the Sky3ds plus on your console, firstly, you should prepare a genuine sky3ds+ card like this one, a PC with Internet connected and a Microsd card, recommend you the Sandisk brand, and 16GB or larger size one will be better.

  1. Format the Micor sd card you prepare, do Fat32 or exFAT.
  2. Go to to download Sky3ds+ firmware, the latest version is V140.
  3. Download the Sky3ds+ V140 firmware to your PC, unzip the folder, drag the firmware.bin file to the Root Directory of your sd card.
  4. Download .3ds roms from Online website(Google or ask, drag the .3ds files to your sd card’s root folder too.
  5. Insert sd card to Sky3ds plus, put Sky3ds+ card to your 3DS console.
  6. Power on you console and enjoy the Free 3DS Games.

Guide B: Buy a NTRboot compatible card to boot CFW to homebrew V11.10

NTRboot is the Easiest 3ds exploit to install Boot9strap (enhanced version of AL9) and CFW on any 3DS version. To use the exploit NTRboothax on V11.10 console, we need to buy a compatible ds flashcard at first, the Best one is R4i gold 3ds plus.

r4 card 3ds 11.10.0

For the R4i 3ds plus card, the exploit is already flashed to it, so to card users, you are much easiler to use this R4i card to install 3DS custom firmware. Not only supports NTRboothax, R4i 3ds gold plus can also supports the DS mode, just pusing the inner button to “D”.

The R4i gold 3ds plus card has a bulit-in switch into its cartridge, yes, please notice, the switch is not on the flashcard, but in the flash cartridge. What’s the purpose of the switch? It is using for users to toggle between NTR mode to NDS mode.

  • In the NTR mode, R4i gold 3ds plus rts supports NTRboothax, can be used to install B9S and CFW to any 3DS system device.
  • In the NDS mode, R4i gold 3ds rts plus is a ds game flashcart as usual, can be used easily to play thousands of free ds games on 3DS or DSI firmware console.