How to homebrew and play .NSP games on Nintendo Switch 7.0.x?


Switch firmware 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 8.0.1 and 8.1.0 are both cracked by Atmosphere already, then plus the Switch flashcard R4s dongle, we can install homebrews and play free Switch games in .NSP format again. Here is the step by step user guide for you to setup R4s dongle to install Atmosphere 0.8.4 on Switch v7.0.x console.

The following guide can be applied on your Nintendo Switch with 8.x.x firmware console.

Is your Switch firmware 7.0.x console hackable?

To begin with the following guide, please check your Switch serial number to see whether or not it can be hacked. Go to this link, type your serial number, then you can get answer.

If your console is patched, you will see this.

If your console is hackable, you will see this.

Guide for playing NSP games and homebrews on Switch 7.0.x


  • R4S Dongle
  • Micro USB cable from R4S box
  • R4S Jig
  • One MicroSD card


Download Softwares

1. Download r4s dongle softwares for ATM, here are the links or

Prepare SD Card

2. Format microsd card with the picture guide.

Note: Switch doesn’t support exFAT by default. Before next step, please put micro SD cardinside switch SD card slot. System will prompt to update system patch after power on. You can connect to internet to update exFAT support. Offline update exFAT support ispossible, please Google “How to install the exFat Update without updating your Switch.

3. Extract downloaded zip file to root of SD file and put micro SD card into switch SD card slot. Make sure the contents in the SD card like this.

Boot Atmosphere on Switch

4. Turn off your switch console(Hold power button till the following screen appear, press Power Off).
5. Remove the right Joycon from the switch console and slide the jig tool all the way down to the end.
6. Insert the R4S dongle into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Switch.
7. Hold the VOL + button and power button to turn on the Switch, the red led on the dongle will be light, and the system should boot into the Atmosphere.

Run Homebrews on Switch

8. To open the homebrew menu open the album app on the the homescreen, download and install Switch homebrew apps and games from Homebrew app store without removing your microSD card. An internet connection is required.

Install NSP game to Switch

Note: If you have difficulty to find games, just buy our Pre-loaded MicroSD Card, you will get what you want.

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9. Power off console, remove SD card from console, put SD card into PC. Copy NSP files to the root of SD card.

10. Insert SD card to the console, repeat step 7 boot up system.
11 Click “Album”.

12. Click “Tinfoil” in the next screen as shown in the picture below:

13. Tinfoil UI will be shown as following:

14. Select Title Management->Install NSP-> devmenu.nsp. Wait for Done!appear which means installation finished successfully.

15. Go back home screen by press Home button. A new devmenu icon will come out. Open it.

16. Now devmenu will come out,click on “install from SD”, NSP files list shows the files inside NSP folder of SD card.

17. Select nsp file from the list, press A to start installation.

18. Go back home screen by press Home button. Close devmenu, A game icon will come out.

Is R4s Dongle a good choice for hacking Switch v7.0.x?

Yes, with the latest release of ArgonNX, the R4s dongle becomes better for cracking the 2 latest Switch firmware consoles. The ArgonNX, it is a payload launcher that enables you to load other payloads, without needing to reconfigure your playload injectors.

Additionally, in the ArgonNX SD Files, you can get all softwares you need for installing CFW, playing Games and running Hombrew, such as the the Atmosphere/ReiNX/SXOS folders, Hbmenu, Hekate, Goldleaf, Kosmos, Tinfoil and Homebrew app store files, all are there. 

Currently you can just use the R4s dongle to launch Atmosphere on Switch V7.0.x, soon after the update of SX OS or ReiNX, you can change to them as well.

So if you are so urgent to play free games on the newest Switch 7.0.x or 8.0.x device, just Buy yourself a R4s dongle. Get from, you will enjoy free worldwide shipping and paypal payment.

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