Hack Nintendo Switch 7.0, which Flashcard and CFW work on it?

hack nintendo switch 7.0 cfw flashcard

Around 3 weeks after the release of Nintendo Switch 7.0.0 firmware, as of now is there any flashcard or cfw working on it? Here, I gather all updates of Switch CFWs and test all Switch flashcards to give you the answer in this post.

Switch flashcards, which one can work on Switch 7.0 firmware?

Switch Flashcards Testing result on Switch 7.0.0 console
N2 Elite Work
SX Pro Can’t work
SX Gear Can’t work
R4S Dongle Can’t work
AceNS Pro Can’t work
AceNS Can’t work
NS-Atmosphere Dongle Can’t work

The above chart shows it clearly that, except for the N2 Elite(Amiiqo), other Nintendo Switch flashcarts, they are not working on the 7.0.0 firmware console for the time being. The Switch 7.0 FW blocks most of Switch modchips, only One works still, that is the Amiibo flashcard-N2 Elite.

Yes, the N2 Elite, it isn’t used to booting any firmware on the Switch, it’s a amiibo emulator disc, its major function is to backup and collect free Amiibos files on your Nintendo Switch, at maxmium, N2 Elite can emulate 200 Amiibos on each Nintendo Switch console.

  • Support all versions of Nintendo 2DS™, 3DS/3DS™ XL via Nintendo® Amiibo reader (sold separately)
  • Support all versions of Nintendo New 3DS/3DS™ XL consoles
  • Support all versions of Nintendo Wii™ U console
  • Support Nintendo Switch with any firmware version
  • Stores up to 200 characters!
  • Easy push button to effortlessly change characters
  • Save your collector’s items in mint condition, for ever!
  • Family sharing of characters!
  • Backup multiple save states of your favorite character!
  • Play multiple games with one character ! (just back it up into 2 amiiqo slots!!! )
  • Android compatible.
  • that was already upgraded or with power-ups, making it a super effective cheat system.

2019 Switch CFWs updates for Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmware

switch 7.0 firmware cfws

As time goes by, is there any CFW supproting the 7.0.0 firmware? Sorry, the answer is No, we still need to wait several weeks, but we are very close to the 7.0 update with the following news from different Switch CFWs.

SX OS and Switch 7.0.0

Team Xecuter releases the SX OS 2.5.3 after 7.0 Switch firmware comes out, the new update is a bug fix allowing for a 6.X emunand to work even after updating the consoles original firmware to 7.0.0. This does not add support for CFW over the stock firmware, just over emunand.

So here we are; SX OS v2.5.3!

What was fixed?

  • EmuNAND 6.2 booting again after updating System NAND to 7.0

Some of you who updated their System NAND to version 7.0 notified us their EmuNAND on version 6.2 would no longer boot, thus they were unable to continue using SX OS! This of course is unacceptable, so we decided to investigate and fix it. You can now enjoy the latest firmware on your System NAND again while keeping a compatible firmware in your EmuNAND partition.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned!

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

P.S: If you are SX OS users and feel it’s hard to download games from the Internet, we can easily let you download 4000 Nintendo Switch games, just email to admin@mod3dscard.com, so you can get help.

Atmoshphere and Switch 7.0.0

Days ago, Atmosphere 0.8.3 for Switch FW 7.0 has been created! @SciresM ‘s Atmosphère CFW has been updated to provide initial support for the latest Nintendo Switch system update.

atmosphere  switch 7.0

It’s created, but it’s not released yet. You need to supply the keys at the moment though (and the required keys aren’t public) for using AMS on Switch V7.0 console.

This new version is still in its early stages as there is no stable release nor prebuilt binaries ready to be downloaded. This coupled with the fact that the current implementation is based around a “bring your own keys” approach means it will take some more work for a regular end user to boot into CFW right now while being on the latest firmware.

Nevertheless, it’s been said on the same tweet that another version with a more usual key derivation method is already being worked on, with an ETA ranging anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

ReiNX and Switch 7.0.0

Right now, the latest ReiNX 2.0 version is fully supporting Switch firmware 6.2.0, 10 days ago, it’s added parcial 7.0 support, but from its official site, we still see the Announcement, Don’t update your Switch to 7.0.0.

Downgrade Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmware, is it possible?

Currently, the Nintendo Switch 7.0 firmware can’t be hacked unless using the N2 Elite, so it is possible to downgrade it? Yes, there is a method to downgard from Switch 7.0.0 firmware, here is the full guide link https://guide.sdsetup.com/#/manualchoidowngrade.

Before downgrade your Switch 7.0 firmware, read the following Tips.

  1. This guide is only for who do not have access to CFW on their latest firmware version and do not have a working NAND backup from a lower firmware version. If you have access to CFW, follow Manually Updating/Downgrading instead. 
  2. You cannot downgrade directly to 6.2.0 as the ChoiDujour PC application does not support 6.2.0. You must downgrade to any other firmware version first and then upgrade back to 6.2.0 with ChoiDujourNX if you specifically want 6.2.0
  3. This process is very complex and contains many steps. Make sure to read everything carefully, as any missteps can lead to a bricked Switch. You have been warned.