Crack Switch 8.0.X: SX OS 2.7.1 released by Team Xecuter

sx os 2.7 crack any switch firmware

In the end, sx os 2.7.0/2.7.1 just released and can support Switch 8.0.0/8.0.1, now all CFW can work on Switch 8.0.1, no matter you use r4s dongle + atmosphere or ReiNX or Xecuter SX Pro to hack Nintendo Switch, all of these ways are safe to play free switch games on any region and firmware.

SX OS 2.7.1 Supports Switch 8.0.1

UPDATE: Team Xecuter has released a new update for SX OS 2.7.1 that includes a couple of fixes to some bugs found in version 2.7.

Team Xecuter updates itself by updating its custom SX OS firmware to be compatible with the official versions of Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 and 8.0.1.

SX OS BETA 2.7 only includes as a novelty the compatibility with these last two updates of Nintendo Switch keeping all its features and functions that make it unique (EmuNAND, loading XCI, Cheats, etc). As on previous occasions, you can obtain this new version through its official website or in the option “Update SX OS” in the menu entered in the “Album” icon, or through the official website of Team Xecuter .

News from Team Xecuter Site:

Good day, friends! We are pleased to announce the release of SX OS 2.7 beta.

This update brings full compatibility with firmware 8.0.0 and 8.0.1. All your favorite SX OS functionality (emuNAND, XCI emulation, cheats, etc.) should work as intended.

SX OS v2.7 beta is available on our website and through our Online Update right now!

We keep getting excellent feedback from our users, and have accumulated a nice todo list for new SX OS functionality. Its been almost a year since our initial release, but we promise we’re still actively working on adding new features and improving existing ones.

Of course, behind the scenes we are also still working hard on our solution for those “unhackable” switches. Good progress is being made, so hang in there!

That’s it for today, keep checking back for more updates!

Features of 2.7.1:

‘Today, we are back with SX OS v2.7.1 beta. This small bugfix release addresses two important issues:

  • Older games work again
    Some older games failed to boot up on firmware 8. This has been resolved and you should be able to enjoy your full library of games again!
  • Booting Original Firmware (OFW) works again
    It appears we had a regression with booting original firmware from the SX OS boot menu. We investigated the issue and this should work correctly now.’

How wany ways to crack Nintendo Switch?

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Xecuter SX Pro or Xecuter SX OS

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R4S Dongle+ SX OS/ReiNX/Atmosphere CFW

buy an empty dongle such as R4s dongle or NS atmosphere dongle so you can install yourself the CFW preferred and with the possibility to change the CFW once the sx os would be blocked by the new update BigN.

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